When We Wuz Famous

Young Adult.  Published by Henry Holt & Co. / Macmillan Publishers, a novel about stereotypes and a group of teenagers wrestling with their sense of identity.  Winner of the Muriel Becker Award, The New Jersey Council of Teachers of English.




The Unstumpable Charlie Kite

Middle Grade.  A father takes his twelve-year-old son on a camping trip, but their adventure takes a dangerous turn after they encounter a bear in the woods.  The boy must find his way out, aided only by his puzzle-solving abilities and his determination.


Brooklyn Boy, Manhattan Girl

Young Adult.  A romantic drama about a teenaged boy and girl who share the same dream of culinary fame in New York City.  Despite their differences (she lives in wealth and privilege in Manhattan, and he is a working class Greek kid from Brooklyn), they discover that their best chance for success is with each other.


The Bronx Bleeds

Young Adult.  The first in a five-book series that follows a teenage girl who lives in a futuristic New York, occupied by mysterious, alien forces.  Armed with a powerful secret, she must make her way across the city in order to rescue her family and stage a citywide resistance against the occupiers.  The five books of this series take place across five consecutive days, with each day set in a different borough of the city.

In Progress.


The Collaborative Director

Non-fiction.  To be published by Routledge / Focal Press, a comprehensive film book about directorial aesthetics and collaboration techniques.