Up With Me

Feature film.  Winner of the Special Jury Award at South-by-Southwest Film Festival.  Distributed by IFC Films.  A largely improvised story about a teenager in East Harlem escaping his neighborhood for a scholarship at boarding school, only to discover that he no longer belongs in either world.




Limit of Wooded Country (short)

Starring Santino Fontana and Jake Cannavale, the story of two brothers reckoning over their father's legacy alongside a river in Alaska.


The Jonestown Defense

Feature film.  Starring Dennis Ostermaier, Robert Stevens, Michael Michaelessi, Amy Seimetz, and Mary Bronstein, the story of a corporate suit who's trying to reclaim his humanity.


In Progress.


Limit of Wooded Country (feature)

A two-time finalist for the Sundance Screenwriters Lab, the story of three brothers on an epic journey, mostly on foot, from the rain forests of southeast Alaska to the arctic tundra in the north.  Fleeing the accidental murder of a police officer, the brothers confront the trials of nature while wrestling over the mythologies left behind by their mysterious father.